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I offer multiple big game hunts and fishing in Alaska. From outpost camps, to backpack/float camps, including drop camps. Check with me for availability. Many hunts are sold out well in advance. 

XX 2019: Great deal for one hunter: 10-Day hunters choice, pick two; 1×1 hunting for Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Grizzly or Black Bear. *Wolf & Wolverine no charge. Additional game my be added for trophy fee. Hunt in Southwest Alaska. August 30 – September 10th: $34,500 Outpost camp. $30,500 Backpack/float camp. (2018 is sold out)

 KODIAK ISLAND HUNT: If your looking for a top shelf Alaskan hunting adventure, look no further. I offer guided hunts in the Alaska Range for three species of Bear: Brown, mountain Grizzly and Black Bear. Dall Sheep, Alaskan-Yukon Moose, Caribou, Wolf and Wolverine.

NRG: I also offer hunts on Kodiak Island (  Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Lands in the Dog Salmon / Zachar River country). for Kodiak Brown Bear. 15 day pack in hunt: $22,950. Bears average 9+ on this hunt as our guide hunts only for big bears. Only 4 tags per year: 3 Spring, 1 Fall. (all Bear hunts on Kodiak are sold out until Fall of 2021: I have one hunt available for Fall of 2021 for Kodiak Brown Bear and Sitka deer: $22,950.00)

Spring/Fall Bear Hunts –

Brown Bear

April 1-10 or April 12-21, unit 16. 2 Bears per hunter in available in unit 16. Add a second bear at the time of booking for $2000.00 additional. Bears average 8’6” with over 90% success rate. Our largest bear to date is 9’7” 27 6/16” skull!


Grizzly Bear Alaska Range

May 9-19, 21-31, 10 days in the field 19 (half of the area is north of 62 degrees north latitude for Boone and Crocket). A super hunt to take a monster grizzly, 4-year average better than 95% success rate with bears averaging 8 feet.

2016 or 2017 1 hunter with 1 guide – 10 Days 20,000.00 

Fall Guided One Animal Hunts –

Dall Sheep

Deluxe Cabin/ATV hunt

Hunt from our deluxe sheep camp. Cabin is 640 square feet insulated and equipped with all the amenities. One hunter with one guide in your outpost camp, electricity, shower, Polaris 6 wheeler to navigate to and from the sheep mountain. This is our best sheep camp and a great location for your combo hunt. climbing the mountain and possibly staying out in a spike tent for a night or 2 may be necessary but this is luxury sheep hunting! Our local Fish and Wildlife officer stopped in the check licenses and said, ” This has to be the nicest sheep spike camp in the Alaska Range.”

1 hunter with 1 guide – 10 Days  


August 8-19, August 19-30 $19,000.00, August 30-September 10 $22,500.00

2017 –

August 8-19, August 19-30 $19,000.00, August 30-September 10 $22,500.00


August 8-19 or August 19-30 $22,000.00, August 30-September 10 $26.000.00

 Dall Sheep – Backpack/tent camp hunt

90% success, 5-year average of 36.5”, all hunts are physical (some are extremely so). Sheep live in some of the most rugged terrain in North America. 

1 hunter with 1 guide – 10 Days  

2018 –

August 8-19 or August 19-30 $20,000.00

August 30-September 10 $26,000.00 

Grizzly/Brown Bear

Unit 16 or 19 – Excellent success of 70-80%, with bears 7’6” to 9’6” depending on the area hunted, and hunters physical condition. Hunts Start August 2.

1 hunter with 1 guide  10 Days
2016 – 

August 8-19th or August 19-30th $17,250.00

August 30-September 10th or September 10-21st $22,500.00,

September 21-October 1st (Bear only) $17,500.00 

2017 –

August 8-19 or August 19-30 $17,250.00

August 30-September 10 or September 10-21 $22,500.00,

September 21-October 1 (Bear only) $17,500.00 


August 8-19th or August 19-30th $20,000.00

August 30-September 10th or September 10-21st $26,000.00,

September 21-October 1st (Bear only) $20,000.00 

Alaskan Moose

Wilderness hunt in unit 19C or 16B.  – In 2015 one hunter did not shoot a moose. Largest bull 74″ second largest 70 1/2 inch Average over 5 years is still 64 inches. 
100% success rate in 2010-11 80% in 2012 our largest bull in 2012 was 76 inches smallest 52”, 5 year average in the mid 60’s, August 30-September 10 or September 10-21. Hunts are on foot with support from aircraft, tracked ATV’s, and boats. Grizzly, brown bear, caribou, black bear are available same dates see hunt upgrades. 1 hunter with 1 guide

September 1 hunter with one guide August 30-September 10 or September 10-21

2016 – $22,500.00

2017 – #22,500.00

2018 – $26,000.00

Fall Combo Hunts

Alaska Range 2 animals hunters choice. Species available Moose, Grizzly, Black Bear, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Wolf and Wolverine. Any additional animals from the hunt upgrade list may be added for the trophy fee.

 10 day hunt –

 August 30-September 10th or September 10-21st

 2016 or 2017 – $26,500.00

 2018 – $30,000.00 

2 day Alaskan Safari – all species included no trophy fees

 August 19-September 10, 2017 $40,000.00 

 Guided Hunt Upgrades (trophy fees for extra animals)

Add animals to your one animal guided hunt – Included is any additional travel/trophy prep/guide/food/etc… You may upgrade a 1/1 single animal or combo hunt at any time during the hunt for the current upgrade price to add another animal. There is a $1000.00 camp move fee payable if a camp move is required to pursue your animal, regardless of success, balance of upgrade is due upon taking additional animals. Upgrades are not refundable once purchased. Upgrades do not include additional hunting days or big game tags (license for the additional animal). When there is a additional animal included in the base hunt, black bear for instance, no credit is given toward uprades if you do not take the included animal. 

2016 -2017 Prices Dall Sheep – $6,500.00    Grizzly/Brown Bear – $6,500.00    Moose – $6,500 Caribou – $3000.00 –  Black Bears $1000.00 each. 

Wolf, & Wolverine – No Charge must have the tag purchased before hunting.  

 Unguided Fall Hunts – Must be a US citizen

The Spike Camp 

Fully outfitted includes comfortable tent camp, cots, food, all cooking utensils, flight from Anchorage to camp and return. You fly into our main camp with the air charter company then we take you into the even more remote hunting camps by Super Cub. Camps are checked periodically during your hunt. All you bring is your hunting gear and drive to fill your tags. Booking with a hunting partner is required, no more than 4 hunters to a group per camp. We don’t mix groups the only people in your camp are your hunting partners. 

The Float Trip –

 Same hunt available as a float hunt. Same dates. Camps will be lighter less comfortable due to needing to be more packable. Double occupancy required. 

August Hunts – Caribou, black bear, wolf

 2016 – $7000.00

 2017 –  $7500.00

September Hunts – Moose, caribou, black bear, wolf, wolverine – 

 2016   (sold out)

 2017  (sold out)

 2018 $10, 000.00

 Trip Booking Terms:

*All terms will be listed on the hunt/trip agreement.

*For trips booked within 12 months of the hunt start date – 50% of the total hunt initial payment required to make the reservation.

*Trips booked more than 12 months prior to the hunt start date – 25% initial payment is required to reserve the dates, with another 25% payment due within 12 months of your hunt start date.

(Example your hunt begins August 8: a total of 50% of the hunt price is due by that date.)

*Trips booked 18 months prior to the hunt start date – $1000.00 initial payment will reserve the dates and the payment schedule will be set out on the hunt/trip agreement.

*Initial payments may be in any form of US Dollars.

*All hunt prices are in U.S. Dollars.

*Final payments other than CASH must be sent 60 days prior to the hunt start.

*Failure to meet the terms on the hunt / trip agreement will be cause to forfeit your hunt dates and payments.

 *All prices are subject to change without notice

License Cost

U.S. Non-Resident Hunting License $85

Tag Fees 
Brown Bear $500 
Grizzly Bear $500
Dall Sheep $425
Caribou $325
Mountain Goat $300
Black Bear $225 

Includes: All flying during trip from point of outfitting specified on your contract, for the hunter his gear & trophies, guide, meals & lodging in the field, & trophy prep. See your hunt contract for specifics.

Not included- Hunting license and tag fees, air charters to and from the point of outfitting (should you decide to travel on dates other than our normal schedule the entire charter flight cost will be your responsibility). Shipping, processing, & expediting of trophies and meat to your home is your responsibility. We work with expediters in Anchorage and will drop off of your trophies there. 

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