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Jungle Hunts

We offer some of the finest jungle hunting in all of southern Mexico. Situated in the state of Campeche, we are located in the south of Mexico, with a hunting area of 200,000 acres, (coordinates: 18°15’57” north latitude & 090°20’ and 44” west longitude) and is adjacent to the Calakmul Reserve of the biosphere with 2,600,000 acres.

This zone is part of the largest jungle forest in the world, whose biodiversity includes thousands of plants and animals such as the Jaguar, Forest Cougar, Ocelot, Margay,  Jaguarandi, Spider and Howling monkeys, and such exotic animals as the Tapir and Bear-ant, and includes over 400 species of birds.

We offer you a very unique hunting experience, including complete logistic details, camp accommodations and comfort, and quality meals all to insure fond and lasting memories when you leave us. 

You can hunt species like the Forest Cougar, Pecary, White- tail Forest deer, Red and Grey Brocket deer, Ocellated Turkey, Great Curassow, Crested Guan, Tinamu, Rufescent Tinamou, Aguti, Paca and many others.

Last season we had 100% success in Ocellated Turkey.

To get there you will need to fly to Mexico City and then take another flight to the city of Campeche arriving on a Saturday. You will stay in a comfortable hotel in Campeche and we will pick you up at the hotel Sunday morning at approximately 9 AM and drive you to camp (2 hours highway travel and 3-4 hours on an unpaved jungle road). Your hunt will finish the following Saturday morning and then we will return you to Campeche around 3-4:00 PM.




Safari  (7 days)                                                             $ 4,500.00 USD

Hunting license and tag                                                    350.00  USD

Guns  & ammo for  rent                                                     150.00  USD


Safari  (7 days)                                                            $ 2,500.00  USD

Hunting license and tag                                                    350.00  USD

Guns  &  ammo for  rent                                                    150.00  USD

OBSERVER                                                                     $ 1,250.00  USD


 -Each package includes one animal

-UMA access

-Hunting tag

-Land owner permit or fee

-7 days safaris (from Sunday to Saturday)

-All meals included

-Water and soft drinks

-Beer within meals

-Guided 1 x 1

-Two hunters per vehicle 4 x 4

-Cabins with 2 beds, 2 hunters per cabin

-Transportation from Campeche City-airport-camp-Campeche City

-Trophy preparation


License-gun and ammo 

-Personal expenses before and after the hunting 


-Trophy fees of others animals 

-Transportation from Cd. Del Carmen or Merida to camp ($ 300 dlls each way fo one to 6 hunters) 


COMMON  NAME                 SCIENTIFIC   NAME                PRICE (US Dollars)* 

COUGAR                               PUMA CONCOLOR                              $  3,000.00  

RED BORCKET DEER         MAZAMA AMERICANA                             3,000.00  

GRAY BROCKET DEER       MAZAMA GAUZOBIRA                             2,500.00  


COLLAR PECARI                  PECARI TAJACU                                         400.00  

SEREQUE                              DASYPROCTA PUNCTATA                        300.00  

TEPEZCUINCLE                    AGOUTI PACA                                             400.00  

COATI                                     NASUA NARICA                                    400.00  

OCELLATED TURKEY          AGRIOCHARIS OCELLATA                     $1,000.00 

GREAT CURASAW               CRAX RUBRA                                                 800.00  

CRESTED GUAN                  PENELOPE PURPURASCENS                       700.00  

MANCOLON                          COLINUS NIGROGULARIS                          250.00  

CHACHALACA                                  ORTALIS VETULA                              200.00  

MEXICAN CHUKAR              CRYPTURELLUS CINNAMOMEUS               250.00 

* All stated prices are subject to change without prior notice and are priced in US Dollars. 

Contact us for more information including importation of trophies into your home country.  

Gray Ghost Safaris: (615) 860-4333 or email us on our  contact page.

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