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We offer outstanding big game hunting in Zimbabwe that includes the Hwange Communal land which stretches from the Gwaai conservancy up to Victoria Falls and across to the Zambezi river. It offers some fantastic Elephant hunting, both trophy and non trophy Bulls as well as huge Nile Crocodile and Hippopotamus. We also hunt elephant Bulls in the Thsolothso and Maitengwe concession these hunts are more expensive but normally we would shoot big Bulls. Largest last year being 96 pounds and several above 60 pounds. Our experienced Professional Hunters have decades in the hunting industry and are members of Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, SCI, DSC & Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association. 

Hwange Elephant $1150 per day
Elephant trophy fee $14,000 Hippo/Croc $1150 per day
$5000 trophy fee each Leopard hunts $1100 per day
$5000 trophy fee Thsolothso Elephant $1950 per day
$24,000 trophy fee Plains game prices $550 per person per day 1 X 1 2 X 1 hunt is $400 per person per day.


Tiger Fish Packages

Trips start at $1700 for a 5 day trip. Pick up will be at Vic Falls where you will be transferred to Binga/Masuna to start your 5 day fishing adventure. We also offer extended fishing tours which include more days and visits to Hwange National Park and exploring Victoria Falls. This is perfect for a family vacation!

Bass Fishing Packages

We offer bass fishing in and around Zimbabwe with some of the finest bass fishing there is in Africa. This package includes bass fishing on private dams with the option to do game viewing while fishing. A minimum of 6 people are required when booking this package. All our guides are experienced with a wealth of fishing knowledge and are on hand to ensure that your trip is memorable.

7 Day Package – $1750 per person

This includes all accommodation, food, fuel, fishing guides and transfer to the dams (lakes).

*Does not include guide gratuities


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