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Arnhem Land

Immerse yourself in the Dream time and experience a timeless country boasting some of the best mid and large game hunting to be found in Australia.

Explore the many river and billabong systems, beautiful scenic floodplains, awe inspiring panoramic views and endless breathtaking scenery.

The diverse ecosystems are home to many introduced species as well as the unique natural flora and fauna. Buffalo, Banteng, Dingo, Wild Boar, Wild Oxen, Timorese Ponies, Waterfowl, Giant Saltwater Crocodiles and the legendary sports fish, the Barramundi!

Hunt our two exclusive licensed concessions:

Remote Central Arnhem Land Plateau at Mann River

Central Arnhem Land Plateau Mann River in the Northern Territory of Australia 

  • 24-hour generated electricity for lights, fans and electrical appliances
  • Comfortable spring mattresses for a good night’s sleep and all linen is supplied
  • Washing machine and detergent is supplied
  • Hot and cold showers
  • Flushing toilet
  • Shared accommodation facilities for up to 6 people
  • For couples and those wanting a bit more privacy, there is separate accommodation away from the main facilities 


Unique Murgenella Floodplains 
in Western Arnhem Land

Western Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia

The accommodation at this camp is built from metal-cladding. This camp offers the same comforts as the buffalo camp plus a little extra. 

  • 24-hour generated electricity for lights, fans and electrical appliances
  • TV and DVD player
  • Comfortable spring mattresses for a good night’s sleep and all linen is supplied
  • Washing machine and detergent supplied
  • Hot and cold showers
  • Traditional Australian long-drop toilet – very clean and well maintained
  • The main building has a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, with guides’ sleeping quarters and additional shared room
  • For couples and those wanting a bit more privacy, there is a separate accommodation building away from the main facilities, which has 2 separate rooms that can sleep up to 3 people per room


We are currently accepting bookings for 2019 & 2020 for the following hunts:

Water buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis), while they are plentiful in numbers, the trick is finding an animal that is considered to be of ‘trophy’ standard. A trophy bull water buffalo will weigh in at between 700 kg up to well over 1000 kg, stand 1.5+ metres at the shoulder and will boast a set of horns with well over a 1-metre spread. These big animals have a keen sense of smell, perfectly good eyesight, acute hearing and, while they are not gun shy, they are very much in tune with their local surroundings. Spook them and they will run forever; annoy them and you had better have your wits about you. Having 1000kg (2,200 lbs) of very annoyed water buffalo bearing down on you will certainly get your attention! 

3 Options to choose from:

Option # 1  

1 – Trophy Buffalo Bull (95 SCI or above) + 2 Cull Buffalo (Broken horn, injured, sick, numbers needing thinned or too old to make it another year)

Option # 2

2 – Management Buffalo Bulls (Silver class; 84-94 points SCI)

Option # 3

5 – Cull Buffalo 

 7 Days @ $11,500 per Hunter

Or,  you may wish to tailor your own buffalo package with additional hunting days. Non-hunting observers are most welcome.

Our Outfitter specializes in personalized hunting for both experienced and novice hunters in the very unique Murgenella Floodplains of Western Arnhem Land. We can cater for parties of up to six hunters. Safaris are tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Our specialty 7-day package includes all meals, beverages, insurances, trophy fees, ATV’s and accommodation.

Boar Hunts

12 – Wild Boar per hunter in our Western Arnhem land Concession

7 Days @ $4,500 per hunter; minimum 3 hunters per group (Available July to end of October)

NOTE: Air charter is extra

The banteng (Bos javanicus) is a species of wild cattle found in Southeast Asia that was first introduced to Australia in 1849 with the establishment of a British military outpost called Port Essington on the Cobourg Peninsula. The population has not strayed far from its initial point of domesticated life; all currently live within the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park to the north-western Murgenella Floodplains area where they are found primarily within the monsoon forests, woodland areas, springs and grasslands.

Banteng Hunts

Western Arnhem land Concession

(Air charter is extra)

7 Day Banteng hunt @ $16,000 per hunter

Our special 13-day Combination Safari will have you hunting in Central Arnhem Land Mann River as well as in the very unique Murgenella Floodplains of Western Arnhem Land. You can hunt trophy Buffalo, wild Oxen (scrub bulls), trophy Banteng and Boars.

Buffalo & Boar combo hunts in the Mann River area:

Option @ 1

1 – Trophy Buffalo Bull

2 – Cull Buffalo

12 – Wild Boars

Option # 2

2 – Management Buffalo Bulls

12 – Wild Boars

Option # 3

5 – Cull Buffalo

12 – Wild Boars

Buffalo/Boar hunt:13 Days @ $16,000 per Hunter

or choose our 13 day Murgenella flood plains Banteng & wild Boar hunt: POR
Buffalo/Boar hunt: 13 Days @ $16,000 per Hunter

(includes 13 days of Buffalo and wild boar hunting in our Western Arnhem Land concession)


Non-hunting Observers on any hunt: $250.00 per day

Additional hunting days: $660.00 per day

All hunts include ground transport from Darwin to camp and back (10 hours; or optional air charter at $1,550 each way, 1-4 persons), lodging, meals/beverages, all ground transportation while hunting via ATV 4×4’s or hunting vehicles, field prep of trophy animals, guide services, insurance while hunting (I recommend travel & personal medical insurance).

Not Included:

NT Police Firearm import permits (60 days advance notice required) $150.00

NT Police Temporary Shooter’s license (min. 60 days advance notice) $150.00

Dip and Pack per trophy Bull or Banteng Bull $400.00

Shipping of trophies and or Taxidermy

Aboriginal Cultural & Scenic Tours by prior arrangement (small fee)

Alcohol (at least 7 day advance notice required. Let us know your preferences and we will purchase in advance. You can reimburse us upon your arrival at camp). 

International and domestic airfares

Rifle hire: Buffalo/Banteng Hunt – 375 H&H or .458 Lott $200 per hunter, per tour. Boar Hunt – .270 or .308 $200 per hunter per tour.

Ammunition: As used basis

Give me a call for open dates; we offer some of the best hunting in all of Australia. Professional hunting at its best!

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